Saturday 15 June 2019

7.30 pm
All Saints Church
Hessle, Hull HU13 0AD

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The Rathaus (town hall) in Weimar (early 19th c). Bach worked in Weimar for nine years from 1708 to 1717. CPE and WF Bach were born here during that period. Later, Hummel, whose mass we perform in March, also worked and, in 1837, died here.

The Bach Family

J.S. Bach belonged to a huge family line of musicians, which continued with his own sons. In this concert we give a selection of some of the music by other Bachs. Except for one work by C.P.E. Bach, we have never performed any piece by a Bach other than J.S.. People will be surprised at the variety of styles represented, both orchestral and vocal.

We are grateful for financial support received for this concert from East Riding of Yorkshire County Council.

concert 4 image