Saturday 16 June 2018

7.30 pm
Trinity Methodist Church
Cottingham Road, Hull HU5 2EJ
(at the corner of Newland Avenue)

concert 4 image

The interior of the Oratory of the Most Holy Crucifix or, in Italian, the Oratorio del Santissimo Crocifisso, Rome. In this building in the 17th century Carissimi presented his oratorios, a new musical form which acquired its name from the building. The best known of Carissimi's oratorios was Jephte.

Italian and English Baroque

This concert of music from the 17th century willinclude music by Carissimi, Monteverdi and Purcell, including Carissimi’s miniature oratorio Jephte, composed a hundred years before Handel’s work on the same theme. Carissimi is known as the father of the oratorio, and his short works have features which resemble some of the features of Monteverdi’s style. The programme will also include motets by Monteverdi and music by Purcell.